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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Hummus By Yummus!

Hummus, Yummus, Carrot Hummus, Bell-Pepper Hummus, Spinach Hummus, Beetroot Hummus, Roasted
Some pronounce it 'Hommos', others a more guttural 'khamas', be that it may, the opinion is unanimous when it comes to the deliciousness of this middle-eastern delight. Origin stories are aplenty, but it is safe to say that the origin is Middle-Eastern, given that Hummus means 'Chickpeas' in Arabic. Basic Hummus recipe calls for just chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic and olive oil. The rest as you know is History. This is a review of the Hummus variations that are made by Yummus.

In the Indian Market, there are not many ready-made Hummus options, and even fewer focus on the health aspect. The best part about the hummus made by Yummus is that they are free of preservatives and baking soda(and thus, a low shelf life).

Hummus, Yummus, Carrot Hummus, Bell-Pepper Hummus, Spinach Hummus, Beetroot Hummus, Roasted

Here are the 4 variations I tried. All 4 variants were smooth, creamy and had none of that excess olive-oil dripping through which I liked,

1. Spinach Hummus: Spinach is generally not everyone's favorite veggie, and to add it in Hummus might not seem the best idea. However, the beautiful richness of blended chickpeas is the perfect foil to the rich,earthy taste of spinach. It was seasoned with mixed herbs and this is a very unique and healthy twist to the traditional hummus.

2. Carrot Hummus: A beautiful orange hummus variation, this hummus brings out the sweetness of the carrots beautifully, without ruining the whole hummus experience. I can see this being devoured as a breakfast spread

3. Beetroot Hummus: The colour of this hummus needs to be seen to be believed. A lovely lavender colour with a zing of lemon and the earthiness of the beetroot mellowed out, this is among my fav. variants of the the four.

4. Roasted Bell-Pepper Hummus: Hands down,my favorite of the lot. Who would have thought that the humble 'capsicum' will result in such a delightful hummus variant. Tangy, Smoky and Luxuriant, I could have this with any meal of the day.

Verdict: A lot of ready-made Hummus I have tried tend to over-complicate recipes or add so much of artificial flavouring/preservatives that the hummus loses its originality. Hummus from Yummus is as close as it gets to an all-natural and home-made hummus. Highly recommended!

P.S.:You can order Hummus from Yummus by logging onto their website or DM them on their Instagram handle, Yummus.In. They require at least 18 Hours of advance notice since all batches are freshly made. All variants are priced at INR 225 for 200 grams.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Baby, Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind, nevermind

Pub, Bar, DJ, Party , Bangalore PartiesNevermind, the first thing that comes to my mind or wondering what that title is all about? Check this iconic BMW Series 3 TVC, with Dennis Lloyd’s ‘Nevermind’ score playing in the background.(Heres the link if you haven’t watched this yet) And why do I mention this? Nevermind, the place has a very similar vibe. Futuristic and elegant interiors and Rohit Barker spinning some excellent tracks at the DJ Console, this is one of my favorite places in Indira Nagar, and I haven’t even come to the food yet! Nevermind completed a year of running a few days back and they have a new revamped menu, which still has some of the crowd favs from the old menu. Here are some glimpses from the fabulous new menu:

Gin Cocktail


These aren’t the sugary, syrup-loaded cocktails that you would find in most places. The cocktail menu here is driven by ingredients, and good ones at that! Their signature ones are divided into 3 carefully-crafted categories, here are my picks from each of these sections

Farm to Glass(Core ingredient is a fruit or a vegetable)

Fine Revelry: This gin cocktail had cucumber, tonic, a rose-sour made in-house. The freshness of cucumber, the rather unusual combination of a sour-rose syrup which gave this beautiful, floral edge and a tonic to balance it out. Simple, elegant and refreshing!

Mamacita: This cocktail is an attention grabber for sure. A lovely almost transparent green colour, another gin-based cocktail, this has seasonal bell peppers, coriander, lime juice, sparkling water and a thin layer of whipped cream. A very modern cocktail, the bell peppers add an interesting dimension to an already interesting cocktail. Loved it!

Botanical Garden(Edible Flowers or Leaves)

Lady Rose: A vodka-based cocktail with rose syrup, rose tea infused vodka(yeah, no kidding!), lime juice and egg whites. The end result? Something even the Russians have not done with their Vodka, a stunning floral cocktail topped with a egg-white foam to give it more body. Excellent!

Spices & Herbs

Empress Kiss: If ever there was a cocktail to simulate a kiss, this would be it, honestly! Rosemary-infused gin, lime, triple sec and orange juice and egg white. Beautifully balanced, with the sourness of orange and lime balanced by the piney rosemary, this could even be an aperitif! I could have this all day long, it is that good! 

Here are my recommendations from their menu:

Brie Tempura
Brie Tempura: Nutty and earthy brie coated in a tempura batter and fried to perfection, this is a delightful way to start the meal here, also a good accompaniment to their cocktails!

Beef & Jalapeno Dumpling: Pan-Asian food has always been Nevermind’s strong suit, and this dumpling just goes to show how good their food this. Translucent covering and a beautifully cooked filling of minced beef and spicy jalapenos made sure that we went back for more.

Bacon, Candied Bacon, Donut BurgerThe B&B Burger: Yes, the bun is actually a donut bun, and it was a delightful addition to this fabulous double bacon burger. So this was Candied bacon, beef patty, glazed doughnut bun, crunchy peanut butter, Chili lime mayo. Excellent stuff!

Pan Seared Red Snapper: Fish and Chimichurri sauce always go great together, and in this case, the flavours were heightened with the addition of a orange and fennel salad, and a beautifully flashed-fried snapper with an ultra-crispy skin. Needless to say, the chimichurri was on point and delicious!

Praline, Chocolate CakeCoastal Prawn Curry : Ah, with all the fancy stuff coming in, a steaming bowl of this beautiful prawn curry with steamed rice was a welcome change. Comfort food at its finest!


Tall, Dark & Crunchy: Beautiful textures of milk and dark chocolate with the reassuring crunch of roasted cashews and a sprinkling of cashew praline dust for good measure.

Torched Meringues
Lemon Tart: Lemon Tart, Torched Meringues and a buttery, short crust arch to seal the deal. This was as delicious as it looked, or even more!

Nevermind - Bar & Social Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoVerdict: Be it a romantic outing, an evening of partying with friends or just an afternoon of sipping some brilliant cocktails while enjoying some lip-smacking food, I cannot recommend this place enough!

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Maziga - Mesmerizing Modern Indian Food

Modern Indian Food has been arriving on the international scene for quite a while now, but it kind of exploded with Gaggan Anand’s unconventional takes on Indian Classics, and that is probably the gold standard of Modern Indian Cuisine for me. At Maziga, Chef Javed Ahamad puts a spin on Indian Classics as well, and we were there to sample their elaborate 15-Course Menu. Here is the lowdown.

Yogurt Spherification, YoghurtThis set menu is called ’15-Course Journey Through India’ and it needs to be ordered a day in advance in case you decide to have this and costs INR 2200 + Taxes. I will not list all 15 courses but some of the more memorable dishes from it. I paired this with a Cotes De Provence from Domaine de Saint Ser of a 2012 vintage, which is a rich bodied, complex rose, and to be honest, it went superbly with most of the food. Highly recommended pairing!

Goat Brain PavThe Journey starts off with a spherification, a technique that is gaining popularity given the literal ‘burst’ of flavours that you get. In this instance, it was a chat masala yoghurt variation. I would have loved if the base was not curd-based, but it was a good attempt.

Goat Brain Pav: This was a pav, layered with an orangish gel on top, with a minced, goa-brain filling. The gel was sweetish with a slight tang of orange, and it actually went well with the spiced, mince mixture inside.

Upma, Cod, Kaffir Lime, FishQuinoa Upma Cod Fish in Kaffir Lime Sauce : So this was  a beautifully cooked smoked Cod topped with a deliciously tangy kaffir lime sauce and tempered mustard seeds, and was served on a bed of Quinoa Upma.

Soup: A lovely sweet and salty broth of green peas and edamame, I enjoyed the soup. The only thing I could do without were the masala bondi that didn’t really gel well in this dish.
Malvani, Prawn
Malvani Prawn: This one was absolutely delicious. A superbly cooked prawn coated with an aromatic, rich, malvani ‘bharta’ sitting atop a charcoal lentils pan cake, I could have had half-a-dozen of these. I would have preferred a bit more chili in the spice to add that extra oomph to this dish!

Duck: This was duck smoked in a tandoor and cooked in a rogan josh curry. Divine would probably the word to describe this fusion. A mellowed down rogan josh recipe, this one too could do with a bit more chilli, but maybe it is just me

Risotto Khichdi: Definitely, the highlight of the meal for me was this one. A very simple combination of flavours , this was a palak khichdi using hand-pounded basundi rice, cheese and ghee. Now this is the kind of fusion I am down for, comfort food at its best!

Khasta Rahra Ghosht Biryani with Burani Raita : Of course, a journey across India is incomplete without some form of biriyani on the menu. This one had a quirky presentation, being served in a cup with a flaky pastry covering it, presumably as it was cooked on ‘dum’ under it along with the raita in a shot glass. The Lamb was beautifully cooked in ‘rahra’ style spices, from the Sindh region on India. The biryani was mellow and beautifully flavored with saffron and a few other spices.

The meal ended with a Turmeric Kulfi and Mango Panna-cotta.

aam pannacotta
Verdict: It is hard to hold your attention throughout any multi-course meal, let alone one that spans 15 courses, but Maziga does an admirable job at surprising you with each item’s entry at your table. While the journey is not without its ups and downs, it is a pleasant one that has dishes which span the length and breadth of the country. In the mood to be surprised at how Indian Food can too be fine dine or if you just want to have the meal on a whimsy, this meal is one that will stay etched in your memory!
Maziga Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, 30 September 2019

Bangalore Street Club - Majja Maadi!

So Lido Mall has a new place where you can head to to catch a quick bite before a movie or enjoy a leisurely meal after your show has ended. Sounds intriguing now? Lets dive in.

Ambience and Concept
Located in place of the rather tepid TGIF on the first floor, this place has been completely revamped and looks really pretty and spacious. The inside seating is well-spaced out, brightly lit and comfortable. The outdoor seating is more subdued and is perfect for a dinner date or a quick drink with friends while soaking in the lovely Bangalore weather.

So this place aims to be a kind of a cross between casual restaurant and a food court. It has a variety of food options ranging from the regular kebabs, biryanis, dosas and idlis to more region specific food a with a few surprises thrown in as well for the more adventurous diners. There are several counters under different banners, a bar counter(no alcohol right now, but it is in the works) and even a retail therapy section. Whether the concept flies or not with diners, remains to be seen, but I was certainly intrigued. The core philosophy of this place being, anyone can casually walk in at pretty much any time of the day and enjoy a decent meal, translating loosely to Majja Maadi!

We ordered from across the counters to get a fair idea of the food all around. Here is a quick lowdown:

1.  Irani Salli Keema Pav: This was so surprisingly good.Crunchy butter toasted pav buns with a thick, meaty, slightly spicy meaty mutton keema which was cooked to perfection. Tender, but with a slight bite. Loved every bit of it and wiped the bowl of keema clean.

2. Telicherry Chicken Tikka: So this was almost like a malai kebab with a hint of spice. While cuisine for this region is famed for the use of black pepper,I didn't find any signs of that here. But leaving aside this fact, it was a pretty delicious dish.Soft, creamy and succulent.

3. Rava Fried Prawns: Another staple from the southern part of India,the trick in a rava-fried dish is to have a then, even and crisp layer of rava with the insides cooked perfectly. In this case, the prawns were beautifully cooked and the layer remained crisp. This one was superb!

4. Haleem Ke Kebab: Made out of melt in the mouth mutton mince, these kebabs transported me back to the shammi kebabs of the street of Lucknow. Very similar to a shammi,but even softer with the heady flavour of black cardommon standing out, I loved this dish.

5. Russell Street Mutton Biryani: This was supposed to be Kolkata Style Dum Biryani with the mandatory aloo and boiled egg. However, I didn't get either and it wasn't a dum biryani as well. It could probably pass-off as a Hyderabadi Biryani, but not a Kolkata Biryani for sure.Keeping the semantics aside, the mutton was well cooked and the spices were in check and not overpowering.

I went to this place, not expecting much in terms of beautiful, region-specific flavours, but just a slightly better version of your local mall food.It wasn't the case here. Most of the food was pretty close to authentic,or at least good flavours and they didn't cost a bomb. Good Pricing and Decent food make sure that this will be my pit-stop either before or after catching a movie at the Inox  above this. 

The Bangalore Street Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, 11 March 2019

Oki Poki - By Mamagato

Maki Som Tam
It’s been a rough day and all you want to do is curl up in bed, switch on the AC, turn on Netflix and escape into a familiar world of fantasy, with chopsticks in hand as you dig into your favorite Dimsums, baos and Maki rolls. Oki-Poki to the rescue! Oki-Poki is Mamagato’s delivery-only offering and is a hassle free way to enjoy some authentic Asian favorites in the comfort of your home. Here is a quick review of some of the items that Mamagato was kind-enough to send me to experience their delivery-only menu.

peanuts thai salad
Som Tam Salad with Peanuts: Would you ever try a vegetarian, pan-Asian salad? If you do want to, this is what you should get and you will be presently surprised. A chiffonade of raw-papaya topped with cherry tomato, sweet, sour, salty and sweet, this was so good. It was served with toasted peanuts that you might want to top the salad with.

Prawn and Chive Dimsums: A Classic combination of beautifully cooked large chunks of juicy prawns and a mild-chive flavor. They were served with a couple of sauces, a Chinese vinegar sauce and a red-chili sauce. The Dimsums were excellently made, were large without being clumsy and tasted brilliant!
Portion: 6 Pieces

dimsum dumpling Pulled Pork Bao: A bao is easy to get wrong and might end up getting thick and chewy. None of those problems here. Perfectly-made baos with nicely-cooked pork shreds, and topped with a tangy, spicy flavorful Burmese curry.The sweetness of coconut milk, the beautiful fragnance of lemongrass and the punch of chili in the end, this curry/sauce took the dish to another level. If ever a bao had a companion, this would be it!
Portion: 2 Pieces

Burmese Curry
Maki: If you are a sushi-fanatic like me, or if you want to have your first taste of sushi, I suggest you start here. The sushi arrived in perfect condition (no-small feat, since these are so delicate and need special skill that they don’t disintegrate over a period, till they are delivered to you). This was served with chopsticks, traditional-japanese soya sauce and wasabi paste

SushiSmoked Salmon Maki: Beautifully smoked Salmon pieces with the umami of tobanjan(chili-bean sauce) and topped with toasted sesame seeds, this was an unusual combination that came together beautifully.
Portion: 8 Pieces

Monster Roll: This was more of a fusion roll, with salmon, prawn and tuna, topped with Japanese mayo and caviar-like pearls. A well-executed maki roll.
Portion: 8 Pieces

Verdict: An excellently curated menu, authentic preparations, beautiful craftsmanship and packaged expertly, this is a delivery-menu that will remain right at the top of my list for my pan-Asian needs. Be it for a romantic candlelight dinner at home or a hassle-free meal for your personal pleasure or just to hangout with your friends while lounging around at home, try it now and Thank me later! Highly recommended!
Oki Poki By Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S.: I wish they had some dessert options, and this menu would be perfection!