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Thursday 2 November 2017

Our Story

It was on one of our numerous journeys across the country, when we(Me and my wife, Sriranjani), were thoroughly exasperated with the massive and unyielding crowd at one of the popular tourist attractions at Coorg(Madikeri), the Nisargadhama. We ended up not even entering the park itself, but wandering around the local shops at the entrance of the park, and sampling all the things that the locals had to offer.

There was this unique drink that we had never heard of before, the Kulukki Sarbath. Having sampled it in a small glass, we decided to go full steam at it. Several glasses later, we wound up asking for the recipe of this drink and hence, was born, the first post of The Unclichéd Blog. Here it is.

We enjoyed doing this so much, that we decided to write about places that were not generally visited by people, be it Tourist Places or Restaurants. The glass of Kulukki Sarbath, also turned out to be a foundation for our logo. This was several months back, and though we haven't yet stood up to our promise completely, the effort is on to align ourselves completely with our vision.

"Life is too short to live in clichés. A new perspective on life, be it swimming against the current, or taking the most winding path to a place. Why? Because we can and we enjoy it. Don't be another brick in the wall. Be Unclichéd."

The Unlichéd / Author & Editor

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