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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Kalchi - Curry Spreads and Cutlets - Reviewed

I received a sample of a few of Kalchi's Curry Spreads and Heat-N-Eat cutlets, and pleasantly, there was no obligation to write about it, so I did!

Part 1: Curry Spreads

I tasted two of these and was really surprised by the utility of these spreads. Over a course of two weeks, I had them cold and hot, as sandwich spreads, a side along with my meals, smeared in rotis to get rolls also as toppings for nachos.

Makhani Paneer : Ah, paneer! It was afternoon, and I was feeling too lazy to cook something, and then I recalled this one sitting in my fridge. A dollop of butter, and a bit of cream and a healthy serving of this spread went into the oven. A minute and a half later, out came a delicious, sizzling hot bowl of paneer makhani. Lunch was served! And yes, the paneer was sufficiently soft and the flavours were spot on!

Chettinad Chicken: The first time I had this, I was blown away by the authenticity of the flavours that were preserved in spread form. Spicy, tangy and chicken chunks in a lovely gravy, that I heated for a couple of minutes with a drizzle of olive oil.Smeared this on c a couple of whole-wheat rotis and just like that, my dinner was ready!

Part 2: Heat N Eat Kebabs

Vegetable Shami and Chicken Cutlet: These came well-packaged and in nice leaf-like shapes. Sizzzled a couple of each in a pan with butter and put them into a couple of sandwiches. The Chicken Cutlet was slightly underwhelming, as the taste of the chicken was way muted and it tasted more like a soya chaap. The Shami Kebab was a better version, and the slight punch of flavours in the mixture shone through after adding a dash of lime.

Verdict: I am definitely getting the spreads again, given their incredible utility and authentic taste. The kebabs, not a fan!

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