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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Time To Do a 'Burma-Burma' in Bangalore

A country with a stormy history, decades of oppression from the British and then ruled over by the military, has reduced Myanmar to one of the least developed countries in the world. However, the recent change in regime to a democracy is slowly bringing Burma back into the fold of world activities, and Burmese cuisine is being appreciated the world over.

So what is this cuisine all about? With strong influences from its Chinese, Thai and Indian counterparts, Burmese food is distinctly different in the sense that this cuisine emphasizes or savory/salty and pungent flavors (and less on sweet/sour combinations). The food at Burma Burma truly recognizes this, and despite the absence of non-vegetarian on the menu, has captured the essence of Burmese cuisine.

Located at the heart of Indira Nagar on the bustling 12th Main road, this elegant place definitely stands out from its neighbors. A chic entrance and valet parking ensure a smooth check-in and as you enter this place, the beautiful interiors leave you pleasantly surprised.

A lovely open-drinks counter (non-alcoholic), well spread out tables, lovely traditional Burmese art adorning the walls, and my favorite place here, a nook in one corner with an eclectic collection of curios which fascinated me,  the interiors here were pretty impressive. The lovely Black-N-White Menu card, and a glass teapot complete with tea-leaves(and ready to serve after pouring in hot water) round up the ambience here.

While we were looking over the menu, we decided to order the house-blend Tea here, which would accompany us throughout the meal, and is a big part of Burmese culture too.

House-Blend Tea: White Tea infused with orange and lavender, this tea is prepared right in front of you, and is a sight to behold.

Seabuckthorn Mary: Seabuckthorn juice, kaffir lime, a few spices and some fizz make up this delightful non-alcoholic drink, a perfect summer beverage.

Samosa Soup: This was a delightful surprise, and not as Indian as it sounds. Crispy, mini samosas in a tangy-spicy, oriental style soup, I loved this soup.

Lotus Step Crisps: We had the above soup along with these. Lotus Stem Crisps sprinkled with paprika and dried curry leaves seasoning. A superb Burmese snack to get your taste buds tingling for the next course.

Grilled Mock Meat Skewers: This was an interesting dish, and while mock meat was exactly as it sounds, the textures did make it weird to eat.

Thoke Sampler: Another essential component of Burmese cuisine are its Thoke or Salads made from almost anything they have available. This sampler had 3 varieties as below:
  • Tea Leaf Salad: Fermented Tea leaves, fried garlic, sesame seeds and few other ingredients, this one is an acquired taste.
  • Raw Mango Salad: This one has a more familiar taste with raw mango, chili, peanuts and onion
  • Crispy Wheat Flakes Salad: Crunchy wheat flakes, baby sunflower leaves, veggies in a tamarind chili dressing. My favorite from the lot.
Mopi Salai:  Rice and sesame dumplings (crispy) topped with a super tangy papaya salad. This delightful was served in an appe pan, these were unlike any dumpling I have ever had.

BURMA-BURMA “OH NO KHOWSUEY”: Khowsuey, a dish which stars the brilliant combination of simple and contrasting ingredients that come together to give you a spicy, tangy, slightly-sweet and creamy noodle soup. This D-I-Y Khowsuey has 6 additional condiments served separately to give you flavor control. While I did miss the seafood in this one, it was a good dish nonetheless.

Black Sticky Rice and Stir Fry Mushroom Trio: We were in the mood to have some ‘shrooms and this combination worked really well. The Black Sticky rice was moist, and served with pickled veggies and and buttered chick peas. This would have worked as a standalone dish, but it went brilliantly with the stir-fry triad of mushrooms that we had ordered.

We were least prepared for the extravagant desserts that we served to us, and it was really a surprise to have such exotic desserts here.

Smoky Avocado Ice Cream with Honey Caviar: A beautifully presented dessert with dry ice creating a lovely smoky effect, the avocado ice-cream was incredibly delicious. The honey caviar went well with this and added a nice texture to this dessert.

Durian Ice-Cream: Having heard a lot about this fruit (Durian is the world’s smelliest fruit), I was interested to try this one. While presentation was beautiful, being served in a coconut shell, the ice-cream had a shocking taste. Shockingly good or bad, it would depend on your taste-buds. I found it to be ok, and a bit of an acquired taste.

Burma Bomb: This one came highly recommended from the staff, and it was as pretty as a sculpture. A lovely chocolate dome filled with chocolate cake and mousse, and a salted caramel base and served with vanilla ice-cream. One of the most beautiful desserts I have photographed.

Verdict: Without a doubt, the best places to have Burmese cuisine in Bangalore, and if you haven’t tried this cuisine before, rest assured that the servers will help you out to match the dishes with your expectations. Highly recommended!
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