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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Tempty's -> Gelato Based Shakes

Gelatos are different from regular ice-creams , in terms of fat, milk and air content. Gelatos have less air and butter-fat content, which makes them denser and creamier. This also makes their freezing temperature lower than ice-creams and enhances its flavours. So while it makes sense that gelatos are better than ice-creams when eaten on their own, dunk both of these into a milkshake, and I doubt, if you would notice the difference between the two. With this in mind, here is the review.

All the milkshakes I have tried from here are home-delivered, so there could be a slight improvement in taste if you have them at the store.

Here is all that I have tried here. Note that they have two options in most of their shakes, Gelato Bases(with regular gelato as its base) and Avalanche Base(with yogurt based ice-cream which contain much less fat than regular ice-cream). I had all of them except Crunch Orange. in the gelato base.

Crunch Orange Shake: This was an orange milkshake, topped with whipping cream, corn-flake bits, sprinkles and wafer-rolls to give it crunchiness. While it did have everything mentioned, the flavour of orange was so mild, than if I had not known my order, I might have failed to notice it. Thumbs up for effort and the combination, not so much for the actual overall result though.

Marshmallow Shake: Again, it was a thick marshmallow shake with marshmallow bits and tasted fine.

Peach Mango Shake: This shake was predominantly flavoured with mango, and it completely overshadowed the peach, if it was there at all. Probably not that great a combination, or perhaps, the recipe needs to be tweaked!

Black Bourbon: I am assuming they meant that this was Bourbon Vanilla, and not bourbon whisky, since there was no description anywhere. This was a disappointment, and flavours were of a muted vanilla shake, with an interesting colour.

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Verdict:While the pricing is fairly competitive, and delivery is pretty fast, what ideally should have separated them from the rest should have been the flavour of their milkshakes, since gelatos are supposed to have a much richer taste when compared to ice-creams. However, the difference in their shakes is barely palpable when compared to regular milkshakes. Definitely not my first choice for milkshakes. There are better options out there at better price-points.

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