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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Foxtrot - The Pub with Character

Jive, Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa…You might have heard of these famous dance styles. Foxtrot is another dance style which is similar to a Waltz, and became popular in the 50’s with Haley’s famous song, "Rock Around the Clock". How is this relevant you ask? Foxtrot is one of those unique places which exudes a character of its own, and I would even go as far as say that it is a one of its kind pub in Bangalore and it starts with the name. Here is why:

Located in Marathahalli, the perennial pit stop for people all over Bangalore, this is not the kind of place you would expect to see here, and that it why, it is surely going to carve out a niche of its own.

As you enter this place, the first thing you notice would be the open bar, with the words Foxtrot emblazoned across the top of the bar counter with lights, in a typically retro style. This place is done up very differently, and has these private booths, done up in various themes which remind you of frat or sorority houses. The décor is ultra-chic and sophisticated and in –line with the theme of this place. The place is well-lit up, airy and is very well spaced out. It is mostly open-air, but there is an air-conditioned section which you could slip-
into to get away from the noise.

F & B:
Beverages: They have a huge selection of cocktails to choose from, with smoked-cocktails, gimmicky cocktails, Jell-O Shots, Liquor Popsicles and of course, the classics. While I could write an entire post just about the cocktails, I will stick to a shorter version. Here are some of my favorites:

Forest Fog: While this drink is presented dramatically, with a lovely smoke-filled dome covering it, the drink itself is pretty good. Whisky, Citrus and bitters with the lovely smoky flavor of hickory wood, this one is for the whisky lovers!

Sprouty G&T: While I love Gin and Tonic, this one took that humble combo to a different level. The lovely sprinkling of bitters and greens had completely neutralized the slight bitter tang of Tonic, and I loved it!

Cabo Mug-a-Rita: This one was one heck of a refreshing cocktail. Tequila, citrus and jalapeños smoked with Applewood and served with a lovely almond biscotti

A few cocktails worth a mention are the What a Match(a)( Matcha Tea , whisky, ginger syrup and  a dash of lime made up this one lovely cocktail) and Garden Fresh(If you like cucumber in your drinks, then this one will appeal to you. It had gin, cucumber, citrus, green apple and fresh mint)

Chaupati Bhel Bar:  Not an item I would generally review, but this Mumbai style bhel with a garlic chutney and desiccated coconut bits, blew my mind, both in terms of taste and presentation. Check it out for yourself in this pic.

Jerked Spice Cottage Cheese: Again, full marks for presentation and for the super-soft paneer in a nice-spicy-tangy coating.

Black Pepper Chicken Tikka:  Well-cooked chicken in a black pepper sauce, a good item, but nothing extraordinary.

Curry Leaf Prawns: Definitely, the dish of the day. Lovely medium prawn pieces cooked to perfection in a curry leave/coconut milk emulsion that had me drooling before I even started eating it! Excellent preparation.

Tellicherri Mutton Boti: This dish was a hit and a miss. While the minced mutton was well-cooked, all of us at the table found it to be a bit too bland and the recipe needs tweaking for sure.

A few other dishes worth mentioning were the Veg Platter (which had a delicious tandoori soya chaap among other items, which was enjoyed by everyone present) and the Lebanese Mezze(which was pretty authentic and had hummus, baba ganoush, fattoush with pita)

Mango Basil Bhapa Doi: Steamed Yogurt, with a mango dressing and garnished with basil, this was really pretty to look at. However, the slightly high acidity of the mango flavor used offset the sweetness of the curd, and I would say it was about average.

Hot Chocolate Fudge:  While we were not expecting something extraordinary, the presentation of this one delighted us. Gooey Hot Chocolate Fudge served with vanilla ice-cream and an assortment of nuts for company, this was really good. Do try this out!

Verdict: An oasis of sorts for the people of Marathahalli, this pub scores high on the Unclichéd quotient and the excellent ambience, brilliant presentation and quirky cocktails makes me want to visit this place more often. Do visit this, if you are in the mood for something experimental, and you will not be dissapointed!
Foxtrot Gastropub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Food Quotient: 4/5
Ambience Quotient: 5/5
Service Quotient: 4.5/5
Unclichéd Quotient: 5/5

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