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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Market Table - From Farm To Your Table

Did you know that practicing organic farming results in significant reduction in pollution and helps in maintaining biodiversity? Also, organic food is definitely better, since no pesticides/antibiotics are used? Market Table strives to use organically obtained ingredients, including food grains and chicken as well, from market to table. An excellent initiative that will definitely encourage people to go organic, since after all, we should all know about the origin of the ingredients in our food!

Located in Koramangla 5th Block, diagonally opposite Om Made Café and on the same side as Chianti, The unassuming entrance of this will not prepare you for the lovely décor that awaits you. True to it's theme of organic food and natural/healthy living, the décor here can be best described as a combination of rustic and wooden elements with a touch of earthiness.

Elements like the lovely plants in earthy pots, a wooden ensemble giving away to stone-washed floors and walls, and vintage filament bulbs giving a beautifully rustic yet modern feel to this place. I must say, it has been very well thought out, and while it’s not an in-your-face kind of a place, it grows on you, as you settle in, and observe the various elements at this place.

They have a large selection of healthy drinks, smoothies, and protein shakes and all of them are made using completely natural ingredients.

Golden Vitality: A drink which I instantly became a fan of, this had turmeric, ginger, lemon, carrot, orange, coconut water as far as I could tell. A drink to refresh all your senses on a hot summer afternoon, without the intake of high-sugary calories

There were just the two of us, but we really wanted to try out as much of the menu a possible, given that it had so many different cuisines and options. This place has Mediterranean, European and Asian influences to its food, and you can pick and choose depending on your mood/preference. In the end, we decided to sample small portions of several dishes rather than a couple of dishes (since it was a tasting after all!). Here are the dishes we sampled:

Sweet n Spicy Nuts with Grilled Cajun Chicken: Nuts, you say? Pumpkin Seeds, Pinenuts, peanuts and a few other nuts, on a bed of a slightly-spicy almost chat-like mixture (onions, jalapenos and cilantro), and topped with grilled Cajun chicken chunks. It seemed like an unusual start, but this dish was a revelation, and it ended up being one of our favorite items of the day. The grilled chicken, with bite-sized crunchy nuts and a hint of coriander in each bite was a unique experience, which I really relished!

Au Gratin Avocado Toast with Garlic Prawns: I don’t really like avocados owing to its slightly bitter aftertaste. This preparation of Avocados, Garlic Prawns and a light sprinkling of cheese on a panini bread, was an absolute treat. The bitterness of avocados was not evident, and the lovely garlic flavor of the prawns was a beautiful combination. Definitely a breakfast item I would try here again!

We also tried the M.T Startup Chicken (tender Chicken thigh piece in a tangy sauce) and the Wheat Chia rolls (mini chia rolls with a lovely crispy outer layer, and various filings), which were decent too.

M.T. Signature Lamb Bowl: This dish is a one-bowl meal, and you can select what kind of carb (Quinoa/brown rice, etc.) that you would like to go with it. The base dish has a kafka-marinated lamb steak with a lovely secret sauce, which was light and fragrant, a few veggies, on a bed of a delicious variety of crunchy lettuce leaves. We decided to have this with a bit of brown rice and mixed quinoa on this side. This was the kind of bowl that you would not really think twice about having, given the low calorie content and the amazing deliciousness of it.

Frozen Yogurt Bark: Possibly, the perfect end to a perfectly healthy meal, this was a creamy baked yogurt on a bed of mixed berries. Super-creamy, all-natural ingredients and beautifully plated, this was truly a beautiful end to our lunch.

Tasty Food, Organically sourced ingredients, excellent location and warm service, this place has got almost everything right. One of those rare health food places which serves delicious food at super reasonable prices, what's not to like, go here now!

Market Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Food Quotient: 5/5
Ambience Quotient: 4/5
Service Quotient: 4/5
Unclichéd Quotient: 4.5/5

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