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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Flechazo - 'Mediterranean' + 'Asian' Cuisine

My initial reaction when I heard about Flechazo was, “Another buffet place near Marathahalli?” However, a couple of visits later, that impression changed completely. Here’s why:


Located on the Outer Ring Road, on the opposite side of Durga Petals/Alpine Eco apartments, and adjacent to a HPCL petrol bunk, this place can be spotted from the road as well. It is on the second floor and shares space with a Nissan showroom which is on the ground floor. The seating at Flechazo is indoors, and though they can accommodate a lot of people, seating doesn’t feel cramped, and the place is airy, the décor though not over the top, keeps in rhyme with the theme (Flechazo- Spanish for Love at First Sight). The buffet is well spread out throughout the breadth of the place, which makes sure that there are fewer bottlenecks, which shows that the plan was well though-out. Food: This place started out with serving Mediterranean Food, but it now serves ‘MeditterAsian’ food. This eatery sets its food distinctly apart by offering things that people like, but with a twist. It has a huge variety of food, and you get to walk around the various counters, and sample food, almost like you are exploring street food in Thailand. Here is the food breakdown by course, but note that their menu changes every week, and you might not get all the items mentioned below. 

These are served at the table, and though the variety is not huge (3-5 for veg and non-veg), the taste more than makes up for it. My personal favorites were the cottage cheese in BBQ sauce, and the mutton seekh kebabs. The hummus and pita tasted good, and were spot on, in terms of authenticity.

They have a live-counter, where some of the items come to you via a conveyor belt. Nice concept, and the items include a very forgettable Sushi (Both veg. and non-veg), Pani Puri with options of filling, including sweet and sour, chaats (which were decent). There is a soup/salad/sandwich counter at the very corner of this place, near the Main Course, which is deserted most of the time, and I didn’t try anything from here. My favorite counter though was the mutton keema/pav one, where buns are toasted in butter, and served with a Bengali rendition of the Mutton keema or mutton ‘chaap’, as it is called.

This deserves a special mention, because they have such a large variety of very-good tasting desserts, unlike other buffet places. Where do I start, their Mango Lassi Tiramisu, the French Floating Island with anglaise, the hot, crispy jalebis and many more were great! A pleasant surprise was the presence of macarons, which were really well made, and looked beautiful too! Last, but not the least was the ever-famous Nitro infused ice-creams, and we were lucky enough to try all their flavors. A bit of theatrics always helps, but the ice-creams themselves were very tasty and I ended up gorging on these, including my top favorites, the Pan-Shot and the Kala-Khata flavours.

Another surprise was the taste and variety of their cocktails. I tried a couple of their signature cocktails, A juicy scandal, and the citrus interfusion, which were beautifully presented and well-made. A buffet pace serving good cocktails is definitely a rarity, but Flechazo pulls this off with elan!

The service here is very good, and the servers try their very best to understand your inclinations and recommend items accordingly. And especially, the warmth of the service is something which will remain with me for some time to come. Verdict: A team party in the offing, or if you are just ravenously hungry, this place will manage both these situations, as long as you book in advance. Great Service, excellent food and amazing desserts, make sure that this will definitely be a buffet place to watch out for.

P.S: They also have the concept of make your own pizzas, where you start with rolling the dough to taking out the final baked pizza from the oven. Try it out, it’s fun!
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